About us

Our mission

As nature lovers and proud of where we live, we are excited to show our clients the best places of our island, where nature and culture turn small moments into unforgettable experiences. We want you to feel at home and live like a true Madeiran during your stay. Our main goal is to make our clients happy, from sunrise to wherever the day leads them!

About us

The West Coast Travels project was created by two friends from the western part of Madeira in 2017. Being involved in holiday camps from early on in our lives, we were constantly in nature-related activities where living with family and friends was for the most part in the mountains or in the sea. This led us to realize that we could live doing what we love the most. With our passion for nature and all that our island has to offer, creates the perfect conditions to carry out our activities (i.e jeeps, safaris, mountain biking etc.), giving you the opportunity to join them through our fixed packages or “Package Holidays” where we can customize the style of each group, organising various activities from start to finish of your trip.

The Mountain Bike tours are an integral part of our project. This is a passion which has been part of our lives since childhood and it is something that fills our hearts with joy and makes us feel alive! We want to share this experience with you showing the magic of our island trails.

After a full day of activities, we like to end the day in a fun and sociable way. Whether it’s with a relaxing sunset by the sea or exploring tucked away local hideaways, we are the first to create an official “Madeira Bar Crawl”. We want to show you our island in a different and lively way.